About Yuvanayak

MAHA ACADEMY’s Yuva Nayak (R) is envisioned as a Television & Social Media reality show and campaign is a hunt for India’s young leaders. Implemented at the State level, Zonal level and finally National level selection process.
The competition shall first start from various state capitals before entering the Zonal & national level of selections.

We are inviting the young, talented, enthusiastic citizens of India to seize the mantle of change in Indian leadership.

There is a huge gap in identification, selection and creation of young leaders in the Indian scenario.

This gap is addressed through this competition.

The idea is to utilise the Multimedia platforms to identify, select and create young leaders in the Indian scenario.

Also Yuva Nayak will create awareness among general public in issues of leadership qualities and usher in transparency in selecting young leaders. The idea is to produce leaders for our vibrant democracy by taking into consideration socio-political realities like local customs, demography, educational level, etc.

The Yuva Nayak (R) program shall evaluate applicants on features pertinent to the socio-political system of India. Viz.

✓ Physical & Psychological Wellness
✓ Drive to contribute
✓ Vision – Evaluation & Delivery
✓ Conceptualising inclusive national/regional aspirations
✓ Sagacious social/team responsibility
✓ Transforming political/social ideas into tangible actions
✓ Liaising, people, ideas and money
✓ Organisational skills
✓ Strength of character